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Selling on amazon

Sell on Amazon (SOA)

To be able to sell your products on and to know what Benefits of Selling Your Product on you can derive, you need to know what Amazon basically is. Amazon is an American company based in Seattle, Washington. It was founded by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is a cloud computing and electronic commerce company. It is a tech giant and is the largest online-based retailer in the whole wide world!

Amazon has a program called SOA or Sell on Amazon. This program enables you to get your products to be listed and to be sold on Amazon. Selling products on Amazon is easy. You just have to list your product on Amazon. After seeing your product when customers make a purchase, you will get a notification to ship the product. Then, you deliver it to your customer or you can let Amazon help you in this. Amazon can fulfill the order through Easy Ship or FBA. Amazon will then deposit the funds collected to your account after deducting its fees.

You can sell items in the following categories:
Software, Consumables , Tablets, Batteries, Beauty Products, Books, , Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phones Digital Accessories (including Mobile Accessories, Electronics Accessories and PC Accessories), Groceries, Home, Jewelry, Kitchen, Automotive, Luggage, Movies, Musical Instruments, Office and Stationery, Personal Care Appliances, Personal Computers, Pet Supplies, , Shoes and Handbags, Baby Products, Apparel, Toys, Video games (consoles and games) and Watches.

Benefits of Selling Online (Selling on

1. Customer Base

Crores of customers. Amazon has crores of customers in India. A huge percent of the population buys products online.

2.Fast Shipping

Fast and stress-free shipping. As you know, Amazon provides fast shipping to the customers and sellers do not need to stress out on if their product will reach the customers as Amazon provides services of Easy Ship or FBA.

3. No Fixed Cost

Pay when you sell. Amazon does not charge you for getting your product listed on Amazon. Rather, it deducts a percentage as its fees from the proceeds from your product sold.

4. Increases Sale

Selling online of products increases your sale as you use the high traffic channel. As Amazon is used wildly by a huge number of people you can get the benefit of reaching a lot of people from it. This eventually will increase your sale.

5. Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers. As you will sell products online you will get new online customers.

6. New Channel to Reach Customers

More and more people are starting to prefer online buying. As the users of the internet are increasing and people are putting their trust in online sales more and more, you have a chance of reaching more potential customers and getting them as your customer.

7. Wide Reach

Amazon has a wide reach as it has a large number of users. Those users will see your product and if they like it they will buy it. Hence your sale will increase.

8. No Payment Issues

Amazon is secure and it provides timely payments to you. This makes you feel safe with your money.


I hope now you know what all Benefits of Selling Online.  If you have any problem regarding this you can comment below and I will be happy to help you out.

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