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How to Start Ecommerce Business in India

start ecommerce business in indiaYou Must Have Purchased any of the Product online Ever? Had You thought how this Business had started? How You can Start Ecommerce Business in India ?

Today we are going to discuss about e-commerce Business in India.

Before you Start an Ecommerce Business in India, first you need to know what e-commerce is?

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a system of buying or selling products and services online.

E-Commerce uses some ways to sell products or services or simply do business. These ways or mediums are mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, Internet marketing, online transaction processing etc.

Types of E-Commerce business

we usually think how to start an ecommerce business in India but we must aware of the types of same. E-Commerce business may use either some or all of the following:-

how to start an ecommerce business in india

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)

B2B E-commerce means selling products or services from one business to another business using the internet. In B2B products or services is not sold to any individual consumer or person but to another business.

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

In E-commerce B2C is defined as selling products or services online by a business to a consumer. It is different from B2B as in it, products or services are sold to the consumer rather than to a business.

  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

C2C E-commerce creates an environment in which consumers can sell their products or services to another consumer. This is usually done through the use of the internet. An example of this is online auctions.
B2B and B2C

  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

In this type of E-Commerce, consumers offer to sell their product or services to a business entity. This is the most recent type or model of E-Commerce and is opposite of tradition B2C model.

  • Business-to-Administration (B2A)

This model covers all the transactions carried online between business and public administration or government. An example of this model is Accela. Accela provides access to government services.

  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

It covers all the transactions conducted online between consumer and public administration.

How to start ECommerce business in India

Start Ecommerce Business in India or selling your products online is a great way to reach customers and potential customers Globally.

You must keep in mind the names like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Shopclues and the counting is endless. As these are the platforms which let you sell your products and/or services online. All these are E-Commerce sites and their turnover are in hundreds and thousands of crores.

If you have a product to sell or want to sell your product online then we can help you to do that. Following are the important points that you should have knowledge of for starting an E-Commerce business.

To start an Ecommerce business you need to keep these few things in mind:-

  • Settle on a Name for your Business

    Obviously, you need have a name for your business. Give your business a name which is catchy, unique and is easily pronounceable. It will help you to gain more customer base and will get your customers an image of your business.

  • Enough Stock

    You should have the stock of your product. Whether you have it in your warehouse of someplace else, you should have enough stock so that you can launch it online. Otherwise, if there will be more orders and you do not have the stock your reputation will be at stake. Also, your customers will get dissatisfy and this will indirectly affect your sale. So, it is wise to have plenty of stock before you start Ecommerce business in India. And, you should also have plenty of stock while doing your E-Commerce business too.
    enough stock

  • Structure of your Business

    You need to select the best suitable business structure you can work with, such as Sole Proprietor, Partnership (if you have a business partner), LLC or Corporation. This is mandatory for the existence of a business in India.

  • Get a Current Account to Start Ecommerce Business in India

    For Receiving and Making Payments for Business You must have a Current Account. Having a current account is also must. You will make payment transactions through your current account.

  • Get a GST Number

    You also need to have a GST (Goods and Service Tax) number. If you do not have a GST number already, apply for GST number. You compulsorily need a GST number to start your E-Commerce business as if you have the turnover of even Rs. 1 you must have GST number.

  •  Business License

    You have to apply for a business license and permit because selling your goods or services online does not exclude you from getting a business permit. This is not mandatory for selling Products online But it is always recommendable to have a Business License with the Concerned Authority.

  •  Sell on other E-commerce Platforms in India

    Find a suitable website to start selling your products online. There are huge platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong etc. You can choose to sell on anyone or all of them. These are huge websites which allow you to sell your products on them. They have a very large customer base and you will definitely get benefits from it. They allow you to start selling your business for FREE and they charge only their commission fee which is a particular percent of your sale. Also, the commission fee is charged only when your product gets sold. If you want to sell your products on Amazon.in, we can help you with it, just click here to begin.

    Click Here to Sell on Amazon
    start your ecommerce business in Delhi

  • Must Create E-commerce Website of your Products.

    You can also sell your products or services online through your own website. If you Own a Platform for Selling Your Products and services, it always helps to build the Rapo of your Business. the main question here is that how to create an ecommerce website with minimum cost. For the same, you can contact at acubedigital@gmail.com

    For this, you need to purchase a domain name relevant to your online Business.  After the same go for a good Hosting and you can create your own E-commerce website.

    But if You don’t know how to create an E-commerce website then go For Web development agency like Acube Digital. Next, you need a website developer to get your website set up. You will get the Best Support and services with the Training too. We will Provide Complete one Year Services along with Maintenance.

    Also, you should have the proof of the material or stock you bought. Like, you should have the bill of all the materials you used to build your product.

Advantages of starting an E-Commerce website

  1. Global Reach

    It has the ability to reach globally. E-Commerce has a very wide reach. You can reach your customers and potential customers easily.

  2. Improves Relationship with Customers

    E-commerce allows direct interaction with your customers. Your customers can file a complaint they have and you can get on to solve it fast. This also creates a better relationship with your customers.

  3. Do online business every time without presence.

    Your business is open 24×7 if you use E-commerce. There is no time limit that your business is supposed to be conducted during the usual business hours.

  4. Pocket Friendly

    The cost of operating your business online is quite lower than compared to operating business offline.

  5. Faster Payments

    You get your payment faster. As when you sell products online buyers cannot procrastinate your payment.




    Conclusion If you want to Start Ecommerce Business in India, we provide services to help you out with it. For this, you can contact us on 7827719099.

    Also, if you have any queries related to this article on how to Start Ecommerce Business in India, you can comment below we will surely help you.

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